Refrigeration Testing

Ice maker testing facilities provide an environment similar to a household refrigerator freezer for testing component ice makers.  Each cell in a cart contains it’s own fan and a baffle to control the airflow on the ice maker.  The facility is computer controlled using our Refrigeration Test Software (RTS). Ice makers can be individually turned on or off by the computer. […]

Ice Maker Testing

The system can be used to test a number of different types of thermal devices.  Switching devices such as bi-metals and thermostats are tested unloaded for calibration using user entered parameters. The system ramps the temperature up and down between set points at a user specified rate and scans the devices under test to determine if a device has changed state. The temperature at the switching point […]

Thermostat Testing

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Over 70 years of Combined Experience in Lab Data Acquisition and Control Systems Hooks & Associates, Inc. provides Design services System integration Various products for unique projects requiring data acquisition and control.   A majority of systems today require a combination of hardware, electrical, and software to provide a solution. […]

About Us

Hooks & Associates provides turnkey solutions for Environmental Chambers. Our Environmental Chambers have been built to test many white goods including refrigerators, washer and dryers, cook tops, deep fryers, deep freezers, and many more.  Hooks & Associates also provides upgrades to existing Environmental Chambers.  We have Environmental Chamber installations around […]

Environmental Chambers